Case Study – UI Design, Web Development

HSV.beer is an open-source project that provides exposure for local small businesses and helps Rocket City residents and visitors find draft beer at the many excellent breweries, bars, and retailers in the Huntsville area.

hsv.beer is the product of a three-man team – myself as designer, and two talented developers. In 2014, the domain name industry expanded from 22 domain name extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc) to over 700, including “.beer”. One of these developers snatched up the domain “hsv.beer” and from there an idea began to take shape.

hsv.beer is a web app that scrapes data from all the local beer retailers that use digital chalkboards (regardless of which specific service they use) and compiles it in one place for all of Huntsville’s beer lovers to easily find the beer they’re after.

Wireframe (low-fi mockup) compared to final product
Desktop View

See the Pen HSV.beer v2.2 by Drew McDowell (@drewmcdowell) on CodePen.

Live View
After finalizing the UI design for hsv.beer, I created a fully responsive template that eventually became the live website. A few delightful micro-interactions to note: the subtle bubbles floating behind the logo, and the search icon that gracefully animates into a beer mug when users click on the search field.